Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Summer hols 2010!!!

The school holidays are fast approaching and this is about the time I start thinking about what to do with the kids.

I work for home and find having a white board great for creative thinking, brainstorming and organizing myself, but as the holidays approach, I always give the white board to the kids and tell them to list all the things they would like to do during the holidays and we'll do as many of them as we can.

So far for the Summer holidays we have on the white board:

Picnics in various parks around London.
Cycling, walking, jogging.
Visiting the Science Museum to see the Butterfly House.
Experimenting with photography.
And one that I'm adding in is baking! Hey come on, you gotta have some cup cakes and things during the Summer hols!!! ;-)

Has anyone got any suggestions or ideas on what else to do with teenagers during the hols? It's easier to do stuff with kids when they're younger, but it's harder with teenagers so would appreciate any tips you may have!

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