Sunday, 18 July 2010

My search for the perfect shoe

As some of you know now, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I've had it for a few years and I've now reached the point in the disease where I need to wear much more comfy footwear.

This is quite difficult for me to accept, my background is in fashion and I have always been the one that was trendy and fashionable in my family and amongst my friends.
Having said that though, I have now accepted that I need better footwear with support and comfort. So I recently embarked on what I now know as a mission in its own right, to find a pair of comfy shoes.

When you think of comfy footwear, your mind goes to the likes of Clarks, or Hush Puppies, or perhaps even Russell and Bromley. But when shopping there, I found that Clarks shoes were comfy, but so ugly even with my new found acceptance, I could not bare to wear them, they were the kind of shoes my mum would wear, and that's fine for someone in her 70's, but not for me.
Hush Puppies are pricey, but ok, I'll spend the extra money if they're good, I was disappointed there too. Forget Russell & Bromley for the same reason.

I have searched high and low on the high street for the perfect pair of comfortable shoes that will offer me support and comfort and not be too ugly to look at either.
Since my high street search proved unsuccessful I decided to hit the internet in pursuit of the perfect pair. I have tried a brand that John Lewis carry called Gabor, ordered a pair I liked but they were too big, so sent them back and they didn't have the next size down.
I have ordered Gabor shoes from another site I came across called Javari and they seemed lovely, fitted well, and thought, yes, the end of my search has come, I finally have found THE pair. So I wore them out in my local area, and they dug into the back of my heel so much that my feet bled. So that was no good. I ordered another pair, and they too were no good.
Then I tried shoes by Scholl, I never knew they did footwear, I thought they only did foot cream and soles and corn plasters etc, but these shoes were apparently very good, they offer support and comfort in all the right places, they relieve your legs of that tired achy feeling after a long day on your feet, and they are gentle on your joints, perfect for me right? Wrong. I can not believe I am in between sizes and they don't do half sizes, and the width is too narrow, I am bigger than a standard width but narrower than a wider fit in the Scholl shoes.

I have ordered more than half a dozen shoes now and sent them back and I do not know what to do now.

Is there anyone out there that can help / advise on what shoes might be good for me?

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